August 1, 2021

Holy Stone HS720 Review

This is the drone from Holy Stone who have launched some popular drones over the years a lot of which I will review on this blog.

Holy Stone have started to release innovative drones with great features at inexpensive rates. The Holy Stone HS720 is one of themost advanced drone and it features lots of terrific functions consisting of a spectacular HD camera. The electronic camera of the Holy Stone HS720 is mounted on a gimbal which can keep the video footage stable and smooth, The gimbal on this drone isn’t the best however it’s pretty good, it includes a 1-axis gimbal stabilizer which helps get excellent aerial shots.

The Holy Stone HS720 is a terrific beginner’s drone or a more experienced user also has an affordable price and good video quality.

So, if you are looking for an HD electronic camera drone at an inexpensive cost, keep reading this review due to the fact that the Holy Stone HS720 perhaps the drone for you.

Drone package

However before we speak about its features, what can be found in package of the Holy Stone HS720? Inside package, we can discover the HS720 drone with a transmitter (with Phone Holder) a 2K video camera (with Video camera Port) a battery with a USB charging cable, and a dual balance battery charger. The drone features 8 propellers, 2 landing gears, 4 prop guards, and a screwdriver.


Among the first things you will see about the Holy Stone HS720 is that it is a foldable drone. These kinds of drones have become incredibly popular over the years. They are compact and lightweight which makes them easy to carry around and makes them excellent to circumnavigate with.

This drone is a small and lightweight drone that determines 36 * 33 * 7 cm when the arms are broadened and weighs less than 500g. In its folded kind it determines 17 * 10.5 * 6 cm that makes it little sufficient to suit a big trouser pocket, although the bundle does come with a cool carry case which is a much better way to circumnavigate with this drone.

Holy stone hs720 has a metallic color and a very interesting shape, which gives it an unusual elegant look. The drone is constructed from ABS plastic which is extremely resilient and means that it can endure the occasional crashes without damaging it excessive. It feels and look like a premium drone and features the features that back that up.

It has 4 powerful brushless motors which are more efficient than brushed motors and provide the drone with extra thrust and more speed. It’s a pretty fast drone, so if you are a novice be additional cautious when you initially begin flying this drone.

There are some great LED lights underneath each rotor arm, however they are not that intense and are just there to show when the drone compass is totally calibrated. They are not bright sufficient to fly during the night, however, there are 2 brilliant lights on the stomach of the drone, that can be triggered via the remote control and these are intense sufficient to fly the drone during the night.

Among the very best functions of this drone is its flight time which is around 26 minutes, this is specifically long flight time for a drone that costs less than $300. The long flight time is because of the 2800 mAh lipo battery, this is one of those new modular batteries that can keep the charge for longer and hence the longer than usual flight time of this drone.

Among the drawbacks of holy stone hs720 battery is that it takes a very long time to charge, like several hours, this is one of the reasons its finest to purchase extra batteries, you will not have to wait numerous hours simply begin flying once again.

The last thing I want to discuss the remote controller.

This is a truly well-designed controller. It’s small and feels comfortable in your hands, it has an LCD screen in the middle that shows necessary drone data like how far the drone is, battery level for both the drone and controller, speed and how GPS data.

There is a smart device attachment that pulls out from the top, it can hold a big phone however not a tablet. The controller is powered by 2 AA batteries which are not included with the bundle.

To utilize all of the functions of this drone, it is best to fly utilizing the Holy Stone app which is called Ophelia GPS and can be downloaded from both Google Play Store and Apple App Shop. The app uses a great deal of memory so ensure you are utilizing a mobile phone with a great deal of memory space or delete apps that you never ever utilize. Utilizing the app is the very best method to fly the drone as you get access to FPV and the intelligent flight modes this drone comes with.


The Holy Stone HS720 features equipped with a 1 axis gimbal, the drone will remain in the wind and instantly return home when under power or weak or lost signal. Together with the electronic camera gimbal, the HS720 drone features an optical circulation system. This allows the drone to instantly identify modifications in the air pressure system and adjust to preserve its stability and flight control.

The stabilization isn’t the very best in this drone if you desire smoother videos you will have to fly slower and gently and try not to fly in windy conditions.

Holy Stone HS720 Camera

Now, among the primary factors I delight in flying drones is because many of them come with amazing HD cams and with the Holy Stone HS720, you get a remarkable 2K camera that will capture you some stunning aerial images and allow you to take HD video footage.

The video camera lens has a 110 ° wide-angle FOV that will allow you to record more detail and 1/3 CMOS sensor for much better image clearness.

The video camera can be turned 90 ° up or down via the remote controller and although it does not included any sort of gimbal or stabilisation software application the video camera is supported by a shock absorption holder that will minimise any distortion in your videos and images.

With the drones 5G transmission technology, you can live stream video footage from an optimum distance of 800m, nevertheless, this range is just if you are flying in optimal conditions, anticipate the FPV range to be somewhere around 600-700 meters, which is still a good range.

Total despite a little jello result when utilizing the FPV function, it’s a strong HD camera and you will be able to record some spectacular aerial images and video footage.


You can have a much safer flight with a GPS connection. Helped with the GPS area system, you will be able to find the HS720 position exactly at any time. When the drone has lost signal or is low battery or when you can press a return secret and it will fly automatically back to you.

The Holy Stone likewise comes with a custom flight path, with the custom flight we can set the drone to fly around a path, you just require to set the waypoint on the Holy Stone APP, the drone will fly in any way you draw.

The Holy Stone HS720 headless mode permits you to fly no matter what instructions the airplane is dealing with, the forward stick is forward, and the back stick is backwards.

One button landing and take off, with one button you can take off or land the drone.

Flight Performance

The drone fly’s effectively, it has excellent hovering ability and It can preserve a consistent elevation because of its double GPS feature. The default setting is the headless mode that makes it much easier to fly and the controls are simpler to understand in this mode. The drone features optical circulation placing sensing units, these are useful if you wish to fly inside where GPS signal will be weak or in locations where it is difficult to lock onto strong GPS signals.

The 26 minutes flight time is respectable for a drone that costs less than $300, however, its still insufficient time to completely delight in flying a drone, hence, its always good to acquire some extra batteries when you buy a drone.


Conclusions on the article from the editors of the site

The Holy Stone HS720 drone is created for those who desire a modern and innovative drone with a respectable price, it’s a great choice for beginners and more skilled flyers who wish to update. The HS720 has all fundamental drone features and more, in addition to great flight, battery, and modes.
The HS720 is pretty easy to learn and will get you all those excellent aerial shots you would desire in a drone and the fantastic features it has will assist you, it also carries a 2800 mAh battery which will provide you lots of time to record.
If you are looking for an FPV drone, this one will work well as well, it supports FPV and can reach 1000 meters and can come back with a single button. This drone has a lot of positive reviews by lots of people and we recommend getting it if you are searching for an excellent drone, we hope this review was valuable.

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